2009 – 2010



June, 2010:

HTML 5 – Video, Carlos Cardona

May 8, 2010:

Photoshop for Website Design, Bill Daitchman

5>2 (as in HTML5 is greater than xHTML2), Carlos Cardona

The web is maturing as a platform. Developers are creating amazing cross platform apps using web standards like html, css, dom, & javascript. HTML5 represents a coming of age for the web and a pivotal step between a web of static documents and a web of fluid applications.

Come see what the W3C is doing to standardize amazing functionality into our beloved HTML. Learn about the 19 new elements like , , , , , , and more. Learn how HTML5 extends browser storage and can cache entire applications for offline use. By learning some simple upgrades to your HTML knowledge you can bring a whole new level of functionality to your markup!

Carlos Cardona is a web designer based out of Santa Cruz, Ca. He is a member of the W3C HTML5 Working Group and a contributor to the WHATWG. Learn more at http://cardonadesigns.com

April 10, 2010:

Various Discussions & Showing off Your Projects

Scripting Basics – Quint Friesen

Quint went over the basics of scripting, including the language that crosses over to many scripts, including JS, PHP, and more.

March 13, 2010:

Web Page for Cellphones, Frank Turner

WordPress for SCWDGROUP.COM – Lynn Zephryna

We have moved our website to wordpress.com to give our members freedom to add/edit your own pages and post blogs. This meeting will give members with little or no experience with wp some hands-on experience.

February 13, 2010:

Building Websites with Rails, John Glass

You’ve probably heard a little bit about Ruby on Rails, but you might be wondering what it really is. In this presentation, I’ll explain the advantages of using the Rails framework to quickly build secure, scalable websites backed by a robust database. You’ll see that prior programming experience is not necessary to learn how to use Rails, and you’ll witness Rails in action as we create a full–featured website from scratch in minutes.

Bring your laptop – this will be an interactive session!

January 9, 2010:

Writing for the Web, Frances Cherman

Frances Cherman, owner of Frances Cherman & Associates copywriting since 1987, will present “Writing Copy for the Web: An Introduction to Writing Effective Web Content”.

What you will learn:

  • “What the heck is ‘copy’ anyway, and who needs it?”
  • “I’m a designer (or developer or programmer): why should I worry about copy?”
  • Before you begin: ask the right questions
  • The 7 key components of effective Web sites, and how to create them with copy
  • What to include and exclude (or: “But I’m proud of that seventh–grade swimming award!”)
  • “How do I organize this mess?”
  • “Bullets? We don’t need no stinkin’ bullets!”
  • How to recognize strong or weak copy
  • …and more.

December 12, 2009:

Securing On-line Forms, Frank Turner

A presentation on the techniques that I learned for ensuring that your on–line form does not get turned into a spambot, and does not deluge you with unwanted medical advice. The methods use CSS, javascript, and php but are surprisingly simple to implement.

November 14, 2009:

Cloud Computing & Virtualization, Quint of VMWare

1. Why virtualization is important to web development, and the growing requirement to deal with it. This is basically the Cloud Computing segment and a talk about why and how virtualization is taking over the Cloud.

  • What is the cloud
  • Is virtualization the cloud?
  • How does virtualization play into the cloud
  • Large, successful, and well known examples of virtualization and cloud computing.

2. Advantages of virtualization on the server side of development. How virtualization can help you develop for the environment your host will provide.

  • Mimic host environments
  • Reuse framework code fast and easy
  • Reduce bugs in your code
  • Saved state between versioning and site updating
  • drastically reduce setup time
  • reduce configuration issues and wasted time due to them
  • data protection
  • overall site protection

3. Virtualization for clients and testing.

  • How to setup a large amount of client apps
  • What the advantages are
  • How do deal with the potential clutter
  • How virtualization can help with system resource management when using many clients

Business Card for SCWD, Michelle Spahn

Michelle has generously volunteered her services to design a business card for our SCWD group. We will discuss whether or not we want⁄need a business card; if we do, we will continue the discussion with what information to include, etc.

October 10, 2009:

Content Management for Dummies, Frank Turner

I have written some php scripts that enable the conversion of html pages to simple client editable types. I can demo that system for the group. This is really an answer to the challenge that the group threw out to me several weeks ago when I claimed that php scripting was easy! (I lied!)

Benefits of Blogging, Cat Johnson and Shout Millavise

Shout and Cat are going to talk about the benefits of blogging (for business and otherwise) then take a look at the back–end of a couple of blogs to see some different ways to set up and manage your blog.

September 12, 2009:

Cloud Computing & Virtualization, Quint of VMWare

Postponed till November 14

August 8, 2009:

PHPBB for End–Users, Todd Kraft

Todd will facilitate a group talk about PHPBB for users and present how we have set up the forum for our group’s use, including organization of topics, sub–forums, etc.

Though most of us are comfortable with PHPBB, many questions have been voiced about how to work with personal settings, subscribe to forums, etc. This will be a time where the group can ask and answer each others’ questions in regard to this.

Image Optimization for the Web, Debbie Baratz

Debbie will show different techniques for balancing quality and size of images using both Illustrator and Photoshop. Antialiasing and creating favicons will also be discussed.

July 11, 2009:

PHPBB, Todd Kraft

Todd will give a demonstration on the use of PHPBB.

1 Year Annniversary Party ⁄ Potluck!

This month marks the one year anniversary of the Santa Cruz Web Developers group. We will celebrate with a potluck after Todd’s presentation.