Lynn Zephryna

Santa Cruz Web DesignerWeb Designer & HTML/CSS Coder
Print Media Creator

Santa Cruz Web Design

Specialties: Affordable and user friendly websites; author, massage therapist, non-profit, and small business web design; fantasizing how to torture Bill Gates and Bob Parsons (sexist GoDaddy Elephant killer).



I was pulled into this business by the magic of CSS. Although I work on other platforms, designing with HTML and CSS are my loves. My passions. To take a creative idea and make it happen with code is incredibly fulfilling.


Print Media

By popular requests from clients, I’ve begun designing in print media. It has added another dimension to the work, and I’m enjoying the creativity of it immensely.


Santa Cruz Web Developers

These are my people. Now that I’ve moved to Washington I’m trying to create a similar community, but my guys will never be replaced—especially my co-leaders, Frank, Todd, and Bill. You’re the best, and I miss you!


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