The Magnificent Stu Nicholls

by Cat Johnson

When I was learning the basics of CSS, Stu Nicholls was my hero, mentor and guru. He guided me through simple menu construction, pushed me to experiment with Javascript in my designs and gave me permission to cut and paste his menus that were way beyond my abilities.

This morning I clicked over to Stu’s CSS Play site to see what he had been up to. Turns out, he’s been up to a lot. We wouldn’t expect any less right?

Here’s an overview of his current projects.
Warning: Loss of time and extensive idea-generation may ensue.
CSS Play has been cleaned up and simplified. There is still a ton of information and if you’re looking for that one perfect thing, it may take a minute, but the amount of resources here is awe-inspiring.
This project is “dedicated to exploring the possibilities of mixing CSS with simple javascript routines to produce demonstrations that offer more than CSS alone can do.” It’s a great resource for menus and galleries that utilize Javascript as well as CSS.
This is a clean, deep, easy to navigate site that is focused entirely on CSS menus that are good for SEO, easy to install and update, degrade well and work with Javascript turned off.
This is a great addition to Stu’s CSS arsenal. The man receives several hundred emails a week asking for help and guidance. He claims to read them all but only responds to a few. The forum is probably an attempt to lighten his inbox, but I’m sure it will prove a valuable resource for troubleshooting and connecting.
Not to be confused with the other CSS Play (, this is the gateway page to Stu’s sites. It’s a good one to bookmark as it leads to all the CSS resources listed above.

Thanks Stu!

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  1. Hi Cat, I’m leaving this comment because I’m tweaking my own blog site. I’m looking at different designs and functions and wanted to see how SCWD groups’ functionality. Hope this isn’t a bother as it’s off topic. By the way, the Stu Nichols post is a good one. That guy is unreal.

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