What on Earth is PHP?

There’s been a lot of talk in our group about PHP and how powerful and useful it is. While some of us have some experience installing, writing and modifying scripts, to others, it is a total mystery.

If you enter “PHP” into a search engine, you’ll be inundated with geek-speak, most of which is way beyond what you’re ever going to need, unless you plan on becoming a php expert.

I found a series of php tutorials posted by Zend Developer Zone that are written in a human, readable style, that build on each other in a practical, comprehensible way, walking you through what can be a minefield of indecipherable lingo.

The first in the series is entitled PHP 101 (Part 1): Down the Rabbit Hole. There’s a lot to learn, and it won’t come in one sitting, but you can start getting a feel for a programming language that will certainly be a part of your web development future.