Web Design Trends

by Cat Johnson

In early 2009, Smashing Magazine published a post on their really great website (Hint: Get over there if you don’t know about them yet) entitled Web Design Trends for 2009. I revisited it recently and found it to be inspiring, informative and enlightening.

Part of our job as developers is to stay on top of what’s happening in the web world so we can offer our clients tools and styles that will represent them in the best light and keep them up to date.

I follow Smashing Magazine on Twitter, so I receive “tweets” about new articles and have found their frequent, informed and thorough posts on a variety of web-related topics to be very helpful. They also have great freebies, tutorials, a job board and a lot more.

The designs that they showcase are generally VERY good…and bulletproof and lean, filled with perfect images and flawless code, which I’ll admit can be a bit intimidating, but it really is helpful to see what the best designers in the world are up to and the direction that web design trends are taking. After all, how can we improve if we don’t know where we’re going?

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  1. Thanks, Cat. I hadn’t seen the second half of the article before. I agree that they usually have good, clean examples–and new stuff, unlike some of the collections out there which seem to be all the same old thing.

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