One Year Birthday Celebration a Hit!

by Cat Johnson

SCWD1Well, we did it. The Santa Cruz Web Developers Group survived our first year! I want to offer sincere thanks to all of you who showed up for meetings, gave presentations, responded to emails, joined us for Coffee and Code get-togethers, commented on blog posts and generally contributed to the success of our little group.

The July 11 birthday meeting at The Satellite was thoroughly enjoyable, with plenty of time to visit, share resources, get questions answered and generally enjoy each other’s company. It was a perfect little celebration of our web developer community.

SCWD2Thanks to Todd who came through with an impromptu demonstration of the potential of phpBB as both a forum and content management system. Thanks to Lynn who has taken over the coordination duties. Thanks to Barbara for providing the meeting space and thanks to everyone who brought yummy food and a developer’s spirit to the celebration.

SCWD3Entering our second year seems like a good time to step it up a notch. Let’s get some good guest speakers to come share their expertise with us. Know of anyone? How about that presentation you’ve been thinking about doing? Put it on the calendar. What about field trips? Anything you think we should see? What about a blog post? Help me fill this thing out! Jump in. Participate. Make some noise. Our group is as good as we make it.


  1. Thanks for the interest in an RSS feed! It motivated me to add it to the blog. You can find it below the list of Categories in the sidebar.

  2. Oh, and the party WAS great fun! Thanks for suggesting it, and thank you everyone for making it a wonderful 1 year anniversary party! You really are a wonderful group!

  3. Thanks for posting this, Cat, and for keeping the blog alive.

    Okay, so why can’t I find a link to subscribe to the blog via RSS? And how embarrassed should I be that I can’t figure this out? 😉

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