Sharing the Vision

by Cat Johnson

I think that one of the trickiest things about working with clients is getting to a place where the vision for the project is shared and clear. I really dislike the back-and-forth of change this, tweak that, try this color etc. It feels like a waste of time for both of us, and the end product is an unnecessary compromise.

I’ve been working on asking the right questions ahead of time, and writing down the client’s responses while we’re sitting there in person, so it becomes clear that what I’m designing is their vision, as they’ve conveyed it to me. Ideally, this cuts down on the back-and-forth, and encourages (forces) the client to get clear about what it is that they want ahead of time, rather than feeling it out as we go.

In his post 20 Questions to Ask Clients Prior to Designing a Logo, Brian Hoff provides some good ideas to reach a place of clarity before beginning a design job. The article is intended for logo design, but a lot of it translates to web and graphic design in general.

Good luck and may the vision be with you!