Facebook Username Landgrab

by Cat Johnson

All you dedicated Facebook users are going to want to click on over to http://www.facebook.com/username to take advantage of the brand new Vanity URL username feature. Now, instead of having a string of numbers as your URL, you can have a username. For example, I just secured facebook.com/catjohnson1.

Be quick though. I was online the moment they opened the gates and I wasn’t able to get my first two choices. As word spreads, the availability of names will diminish.

If you have a fan page, you can create a unique URL for it as well. However, to prevent squatters from sitting on thousands of desirable names, they put some limitations on page usernames. You must have had your page registered before May 31 and you must have more than 1,000 fans. Youch.

The good news is that on June 28 they will open up the page username grab to (presumably) everyone.

Get in while the gettin’ is good.